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For an in-person appearance plan six months to one year in advance.
For a virtual visit please plan 2-3 months in advance.

If Moses accepts your request:

You will receive a written confirmation letter. This will include contact information for both you and Moses, the date and general format of the appearance, type of audience and honorarium.You will be asked to review it and sign it. In addition to the letter, you will receive book ordering information and a sampling of any available promotional materials we have for the books you choose for Moses’ appearance.



Once the confirmation has been signed, you will be in direct contact with Moses to coordinate travel/hotel arrangements and any equipment necessary for his presentation. Please use the contact information on the confirmation letter to finalize all such arrangements with Moses soon after you receive it.

Things to consider

Most frequent questions and answers

A budget for an appearance by Moses would include:

  • Honoraria (speaking fees typically range from $500 to $3000 per day and do not include travel expenses, for which you are also responsible).
  • Expenses such as travel, lodging, and meals.
  • Copies of the book. Moses typically expects you to have his books on hand for a signing during the visit. Be sure to place your order well in advance through your local bookstore, Ingram or wholesaler of your choice.
  • Who will the audience be?
  • How will you structure the day?
  • How many presentations will you need? (Note: Preferably no more than three presentations per day.)
  • Order books for your event.
  • Publicize the event in advance with displays and classroom activities.
  • Make sure your audience is familiar with Moses’ books.
  • Test any needed equipment for the presentation to ensure that it is working properly.
  • Create an itinerary for the visit and share it with Moses ahead of time. Let him know exactly what you have planned so that he can come prepared for a successful day.
  • Please schedule an ample amount of down time between events on the day of the visit so that Moses can take necessary breaks.
  • If you are planning a lunch/dinner with Moses, please check with him to make sure that he will be up to it after a day of traveling or presenting. Please inquire about any dietary restrictions.
  • If you are booking travel arrangements for Moses, please check with him prior to any reservations being made to ensure that he is comfortable with the arrangements. Please also take into consideration the timing of the events in relation to his arrival and departure times so that you ensure ample time for Moses to get from place to place without feeling rushed.
  • Please assign a staff member or parent volunteer from the school to be with Moses for the entire day to guide and assist him through the planned events.
  • Payment is due on the day of the event. If you cannot pay on the day of the appearance, please notify Moses ahead of time. Your event may need to be rescheduled.