POWEM PUBLISHERS LLC is an independent, full-service, book publishing company. We help authors publish books that command the attention of readers. We specifically aim to help new authors “birth out”  books that they have been nurturing inside of them, practically all of their lives. Our authors were the people who were heard saying over and over again, “I have a story to tell. I can write a book.” They have written their life-changing story, and are ready to tell it to the world through their books. POWEM writers are culturally diverse, and they move readers with the rhythm of their stories, vibrancy of their lives, inspiration of their words, use of imagery that evokes the senses and enriches the lives of readers, as they unveil common “plots” and unexpected “subplots” that occur on this journey of life.

Our readers are interested in self help books that assist with personal growth in all aspects of their lives. Our books are uplifting, motivational, and inspirational. We motivate and encourage readers to achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment. It is our hope, that books from POWEM Publishers will help you Take Command of Your Life!