Sean Moses is ready to give the young royals in your life a lesson on Black history like none you’ve ever heard!

This story about an incredible young man is full of heart and is sure to make you smile. Sean Moses is asked to portray Martin Luther King Jr. for his school’s Black History Month program. It’s the leading role and he’s ready to go! Except there’s one problem; no matter how hard his parents try, Sean Moses keeps calling him “Martin Luther, the king.”

This is going to be a history lesson like none you’ve ever experienced, as Sean Moses explains why he’s right to call Martin Luther King Jr. a “king.” Readers will be introduced to a group of distinguished Black leaders, like Frederick Douglass, President Barack Obama, Thurgood Marshall, Sgt. William Carney, W.E.B. Du Bois, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and “The King” MLK Jr.

Enjoy this story with your little one, share rich history in an entertaining new way, and open up a conversation with your children about the power of Black culture. This book is your opportunity to remind your loved ones how they are, indeed, descended from royalty. Long Live the King!


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